Rebecca Stoner (B.S. 2015)

The summer after my 2nd year, I started an internship at UVA Facilities Management in the Environmental Resources group under Energy and Utilities. My formal title is Environmental Compliance Intern, and I work extensively on the University’s stormwater permit. I worked full time the summer after my 2nd year but I’ve continued working part time throughout the school year during my 3rd and 4th years. It’s been really interesting to learn what sort of mandates and guidelines are actually written in the permits we learn about in class. I’ve also enjoyed learning about how UVA manages stormwater, and was pleased to learn that we’re pretty progressive in our management techniques compared to other universities. As part of this internship, I became a member and leader of the Stormwater Task Force, a student group that is involved in stormwater at UVA. The group focused on identifying areas in need of stormwater retrofits that Facilities Management staff wouldn’t necessarily notice. We presented some of these issues to the Environmental Stewardship Subcommittee and got a few sites added to existing construction to ameliorate the stormwater issues. We also focused a lot on outreach and education of students on stormwater management information, including what it is and why it matters. This has included manning informational tables at sustainability related events, creating informational brochures, and designing and running bus advertisements on a variety of stormwater management issues. I’ve really enjoyed having this internship throughout my time here at UVA because it’s given me a way to apply my CE knowledge to the UVA campus and community.