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Female graduate student monitors algae growth in shaker.
Doctoral student Shanshan Peng monitors algae growth.
Doctoral hooding at UVA gradation.
Dr. Sheree Pagsuyoin graduates, joins U. Waterloo faculty.
Photo of CEE Alumna with Table of Contents Art for Upcoming Paper
Paper on algae-mediated estrogen removal appears in ACS journal.

Welcome to CEE at UVA

Water and energy are critical resources. The Environmental and Water Resources Engineering Program within the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at UVA is committed to creating and disseminating knowledge related to all aspects of increasingly sustainable water and energy systems. My research group focuses on improving the efficiency and efficacy of wastewater treatments  for  removal of certain organic contaminants. We combine experimental studies with systems-level life cycle assessment (LCA), an environmental accounting tool, to evaluate the sustainability of water and energy infrastructure, most notably algae-to-energy systems. Please contact me ( for more info about our group.