November 2016 Newsletter

What’s new in CEE?

Graduate students are the hands, arms, eyes, ears, and legs of CEE when it comes to research and teaching. Accordingly, the goal of the monthly newsletter will be to share information about grad-related matters and also celebrate the achievement of our graduate students; thereby creating a stronger “community of scholars”. If you have professional news  (e.g., papers accepted, thesis/dissertation milestones achieved, or conferences attended, or fellowships received) or noteworthy news (e.g., getting engaged, having a baby), please email it to!

CEE welcomes new “IT guy”

Our department continues to grow, and we are delighted to welcome our newest member — Information Technologies (IT) Specialist, Mr. David Thomas. He joined CEE earlier this fall and is available to assist graduate students, faculty, and staff with all manner of computing-related activities. Please make him feel welcome, and look forward to more detailed background information from him in a future newsletter.

CEE’s IT Specialist, David Thomas ( (Photo via

CEE Featured in SEAS Promotional Video

SEAS is evolving and growing its communications, outreach, and marketing efforts to better disseminate the excellent work of its graduate students, faculty, and research staff to the rest of the world. Part of this campaign includes the recent release of a promotional video highlighting especially impactful research projects, including work by CEE’s Harris Research Group. Check out the video to see your classmates in action! You can also follow SEAS on Instagram (@uvaengineering) and Twitter (@UVAEngineers) to stay current on what’s going on across the School. 

Important Seminar Series Updates for SP17

It’s time to start thinking about the spring CEE Graduate Seminar Series. Advance planning makes it possible to invite and schedule excellent speakers from UVA and other institutions. Faculty have already been slotted into a preliminary schedule, and graduate students should talk with their advisers about how they can assist with hosting possible speakers of interest.

An additional, important change: we will once again require graduate students to formally register for the seminar series every semester starting in Spring 2017. This is necessary for two reasons: 1) to ensure that we will continue to have access to a large enough classroom; and 2) so that we will be able to track completion of all degree requirements in SIS via the Academic Requirements Report (ARR). As you may recall from the Graduate Orientation/Kickoff, CEE is currently transitioning from the old “Plan of Study” form to a newer, more efficient academic tracking procedure via the ARR is SIS. It is anticipated that this transition will be complete by mid-December. All MS and PhD students, especially those who will be receiving departmental support (GTA or fellowship funding) for Spring 2017, should register for zero hours of CE 7001 no later than Friday, November 11. This course will be graded S/U, whereby S will constitute regular attendance (>50%) and satisfactory completion of at least one shift as moderator or refreshments assistant. Graduate students can sign up for a shift using the schedule link above. Questions should be directed to Ms. Peggy Gibson (

CEE Featured in SEAS Promotional Video

It was recently announced that the School of Engineering will be making available more than $X00,000 in named graduate fellowships this year. These awards are meant to recognize and support excellence in graduate research. Self-nominations are due this Friday, November 11. All eligible CEE  students are encouraged to apply for one or more of these fellowships, in consultation with their research advisers. Professor Lisa Peterson ( can provide additional details to students who have questions about this opportunity and/or did not receive the announcement email from SEAS Director of Graduate Studies, Dr. Shannon Barker.

CEE Featured in SEAS Promotional Video

Here are some recent papers by CEE students, post-docs, and faculty. Check out what your colleagues have been working on and congratulate them on their achievements!

  • Clarens, A.F.; Peters, C. (2016) Mitigating Climate Change at the Carbon Water Nexus: A Call to Action for the Environmental Engineering Community. Environmental Engineering and Science. DOI: 10.1089/ees.2016.0455.
  • Daghash, S.M.; Ozbulut, O.E. (2016) Characterization of superelastic shape memory alloy fiber-reinforced polymer composites under tensile cyclic loading. Materials and Design. DOI: 10.1016/j.matdes.2016.09.034.
  • Ercan, M.B.; Goodall, J.L. (2016) Design and implementation of a general software library for using NSGA-II with SWAT for multi-objective model calibration. Environmental Modeling and Software. DOI:
  • Hanna, J.P.; Albert, M.; Chen, D.; Stone, P. (2016) Minimum cost matching for autonomous carsharing. IFAC-PapersOnline. DOI:
  • Hu, J.; Park, B.B.; Lee, Y.-J. (2016) Transit signal priority accommodating conflicting requests under Connected Vehicles technology. Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies. DOI:
  • Silwal, B.; Ozbulut, O.E.; Michael, R.J. (2016) Seismic collapse evaluation of steel moment resisting frames with superelastic viscous damper. Journal of Constructional Steel Research DOI:
  • Tanks, J.D.; Harris, D.K.; Sharp, S.R. (2016) Mechanical response of unidirectional composite bars loaded in transverse compression. Composites Part B: Engineering. DOI:
  • Wang, G.; Pindera, M.-J. (2016) Locally-exact homogenization of viscoelastic unidirectional composites. Mechanics of Materials. DOI:
  • Wilkins, R.F.; Menefee, A.H.; Clarens, A.F. (2016) Environmental life cycle analysis of water and CO2-based fracturing fluids used in unconventional gas production. Environmental Science and Technology. DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.6b02913.

If you haven’t done so already, please link yourself to CEE in Research Gate. This is a great way to highlight your work, network with other researchers, and make yourself visible to employers for future post-docs and faculty positions.

Original figure from Hu, Park, and Lee (2016).

Original figure from Clarens and Peters (2016).

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