Jose P Gomez: Transportation Research in Virginia: From the Lab to the Road

Friday, August 26, at Noon
Thornton Hall D221

Jose P Gomez

Jose Gomez recently served as Research Director for the Virginia Transportation Research Council (VTRC), the research division of the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT). VTRC emphasizes implementation of its research findings to improve agency operations, agency efficiency, and the safety and quality of roadways in Virginia. Located at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, VTRC conducts research in system operations and traffic engineering; structures, pavement and geotechnical engineering; materials; and environment, planning and economics. Through research in these disciplines and implementation of its findings, VTRC pursues innovation to benefit all who use Virginia’s transportation system.

A major emphasis in his tenure as Director was focusing on implementation of research results.  Jose will discuss the challenges this has presented to VTRC and how these challenges have been met.  A collaborative culture was recognized as vital to the successful implementation of research findings; collaborative within VTRC, the greater VDOT community and at the Federal Highway Administration, and with the private sector transportation community.  The VTRC research staff has worked very hard to provide this collaborative environment.  Jose will focus his discussion around this change; citing examples of successful implementation efforts.  He will also offer his views on the challenges that lay ahead for the greater transportation community and also note some significant opportunities.


Jose Gomez received his BS in Civil Engineering from VMI and his ME and Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from the University of Virginia.  He started his career in structural engineering consulting, moved into academia for a period of time at VMI and spent the last 25 years at VTRC.  He has served as an adjunct instructor to CEE and is now a Lecturer in the Department.  Jose is a licensed Professional Engineer in Virginia.

The Civil Engineering seminar series is open to the University community and region.
This seminar is hosted by Professor Lisa Colosi Peterson.