Freddy Paige, Ph.D.: Energy Education and Home Design

Friday, April 28th
Noon, in Thornton Hall D221

Freddy Paige, PhD
Research Scientist, The Vecellio Construction Engineering and Management Program
The Charles E. Via, Jr Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering,
Virginia Tech

Come and join an interactive discussion on energy education and home design! In this talk, the influence energy efficient homes have on the Energy Literacy of occupants and visitors will be discussed exemplifying the educational and behavior impacts designers have on society. Examples from my case studies show how utilizing features of EE homes like utility bills and energy efficient devices can make lessons on the energy more personally relevant, understandable, and applicable. Implications of this study apply to a variety of energy stakeholders such as educators, policy makers, engineers, and designers. Grounded by an Energy Literacy framework developed by dozens of educational partners and federal agencies, this study focused on critical energy concepts that are transferable to energy decisions beyond the walls of a home.


Dr. Freddy Paige investigates the educational impacts of sustainable infrastructure. His main goal is to create the knowledge needed to develop an informed public who lives in a sustainable built environment. Freddy’s work with a variety of utilities, sustainability non-profits, and educational institutions has provided him a versatile toolset of knowledge and skills needed to address a diverse range of sustainability issues. Beyond his research Freddy enjoys teaching, mentoring, basketball, and making music.

Department: The Vecellio Construction Engineering and Management Program, The Charles E. Via, Jr Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Virginia Tech

Freddy Paige’s Hometown: Binghamton, NY & Murrells Inlet, SC

Recognitions: NSF GRFP Honorable Mention 2014, GAANN Fellow, W.E.B. DuBois Pinnacle Award 2016, Communicator Award 2014, Videographer of the Year 2013, Glenn Global Leadership Award 2013.

This seminar is hosted by Professor Leidy E. Klotz, CEE and SARC.
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