Clarens Research Group

Developing actionable strategies for carbon management
Carbon deserts paper released
Carbon dioxide supply in US not well suited to carbon management
Our group is focused on developing climate mitigation and adaptation technologies
We are studying interfacial processes in the subsurface to find new ways to manage carbon emissions
Alec's bike volume modeling paper released
His approach could provide much needed information to cities trying to create better bike infrastructure.
Welcome to the Clarens Research Group Site. Housed at the University of Virginia in the department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, we focus on developing the technical and policy knowledge needed to reduce the impacts of engineered systems on the environment with a focus on sustainable energy systems and carbon dioxide emissions. In particular we focus on developing actionable strategies for mitigating the drivers of and adapting to the impacts associated with climate change. For a brief summary of our lab focus click here. Otherwise, follow the links above to learn more about our work.